B.BOX - LUNCHBOX - Indigo Rose

B.BOX - LUNCHBOX - Indigo Rose

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If your child lasts long and spends long hours outside the house, you need a food box from the Bbox It has a healthy meal that is fully balanced with a dedicated place for fruit

The box is divided from inside into separate sections and leak resistant closes separately, so you can take a mix of foods with ease

The box split chips are removable enabling you to adjust the section sizes as suited to you

It has a removable sandwich tray and is designed for this purpose that is installed inside the food box. You can pack sandwiches on top, or remove them when packing large foods such as rolls, croissants and salads that require more depth

The lunch box includes a small round gel packaging that can be placed directly down the sandwich tray to keep the sandwich cool and fresh



  • Food box divided into several sections with removable sandwich tray
  • Removable chip divider allows you to adjust the size of sections
  • The unique and flexible built-in full fruit holder that lets you store large and round fruit where rubber seal bends around the fruit shape. No need to cut the fruit into pieces, no risk of the fruit turning brown or damaged
  • Sealed and specially designed silicone sealant caps which means you can pack thick wet foods such as yogurt and custard without the risk of leaking to other parts
  • Made of PP and silicone.
  • Safe in freezer
  • Equipped with carry handle
  • Product dimensions: 235 × 215 × 65 mm
  • Product Weight: 0.47 kg
  • Suitable age: Suitable age 3 years and above
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